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Spiderman - Clark

Custom Made Spiderman Piece


Custom Christmas Coasters

Made With Love


Swampy Rough

Mixture of dirt, pebbles, and twigs to make a piece of Rural Desk Art.

Types of Epoxy Crafts We Do.


Earrings and Pendants

This is what we adore, and will do Custom Orders Tailored to You,

Coaster Sets


Everyone loves coasters.

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Swampy Art

Pebbles, dirt, and twigs with a little bit of glitter and green as Desk Art.

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Beautifully Packaged

All items are hand assembled, poured by hand, and designed strategically to be unique.

Keep it classy!

Pick Your Metal

We have 18ct Gold Plate, and Sterling Silver hooks, as well as Gold Flake used for Style specifically for this piece.

So many options!

Multicolor Idea Maker

Want a certain type of color combination or style you want us to take a shot at ? Tell us! We will do any style, shape, and Color Combo!

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Idea Builder

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Design Your Own!

Have an Idea, but just don't have the time to make it? Use our Mold Decision Maker to pick a mold, choose a color combo, and pick your style, in an easy to use app!

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Make Your Own Mold!

Want to take a shot at making your own mold for an item you have currently? Subscribe to our Silicone Mold Bin and receive a startup kit to get started!